Getting Your Car Mobile In Low Winter Temperatures

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Car advices
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Along with the first winter morning coldness also come annoying problems with driving. Cold engines start harder, especially in the older and more defective vehicles. In the northern regions we are greeted by dew or ice on the windshield. Before you start your engine thoroughly clean all the windows, lights and turn signals.

It is very dangerous to drive with fogged windows and it is necessary to take a few minutes to set the conditions for good visibility. The windshield washer fluid should be regulated, and dew and ice should be removed with a scraper, and not with the wipers. If you don’t pay attention, the wiper blades can easily be damaged.

Don’t forget to clean the exterior mirrors, because your side visibility depends on their cleanliness. And in a few minutes the engine is warm and hot air starts coming out of the vents and begins to dry the inside of the glass. Initially, drive safely and without hurry, because you need to wait for the engine to fully warm up before it starts working at full intensity.

Caution is necessary because when there’s cold tires and cold asphalt the gripping is poor and it increases the risk of skidding, whilst braking and cornering. Ice hangs at the entrances to the tunnels and areas rarely exposed to sunlight. running into ice at high speed will certainly mean skidding off the road, and it is difficult to prevent even for the most skilful driver.

Finally I repeat – good winter tires are worth more than anything and do not skimp out on them.
Gone are the days when you had to use special oil for winter conditions and when antifreeze was used only in the summer. Multigrade oils, especially synthetic, work all year round, and this goes for the coolant also. Use a special cleaner for glass, and most importantly get the car thoroughly serviced.

If there is several thousand kilometers to the term, it is advisable to make the service before the deadline in order to be ready to welcome winter conditions. It is particularly important to service the brakes, check the shock absorbers, ball joints and steering. And finally adjust the suspension geometry.


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