How to prepare your car for a road trip

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Car advices
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Travelling, especially to distant destinations, it’s necessary to prepare the passengers and the car. To make your trip pleasant and safe so that your car doesn’t strike problems, it must be fully prepared and equipped for such an adventure. On this occasion, I give you some tips on how to prepare your vehicle for a long trip.


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If you are planning a trip, you must fix all faults one month before your departure, and drive it for some time to make sure that the vehicle will be reliable when you go on a trip.

It is very important, especially if you go to warmer or cooler climates than usual, to check and repair air-con and heating, so you avoid numerous inconveniences thereby caused.


Check the tires! Be sure to pay attention to whether your tires have adequate pressure. Low air pressure in the tires, at high speed could explode in some cases . Then check how your tires are worn, and if so, be sure to replace them! check the spare tire, and all the equipment you need for a replacement. It is just as important as active rubber, because you never know when it can betray you.


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Add oil to your car if needed!


Take a peek into your glove box and make sure you bring all the documents, a valid driver’s license and registration, so you won’t be in a position to pay additional fines or drive under the pressure and fear of the police.

To conserve fuel, remove all unnecessary items from your trunk. It’s not enough that you have only things for the trip? Remove snow chains, if you are traveling in summer. Do not carry too many things, because you won’t take advantage of half of them and you will be at a loss.

Get a road map, so you can turn off the highway sometimes and combat boredom, and yet not lose too much time running around. A map is important if you do not go on highways and perhaps more importantly, it will prevent the possibility that you lose yourself and make your trip hell.


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What I would recommend for you to do before departure time is to wash & vacuum your car, so you can enjoy the ride, and not ride in dirt. If you go to the mountains don’t forget the chains and some food incase there is a major stop on the road or bad weather conditions occur. However, if you are traveling in the summer, do not forget a thick sweater incase it gets cold.


Relax and enjoy the ride, because if you are responsible and thoroughly prepare your vehicle for the trip, you will not be surprised by anything.


Happy time!

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