Happy Birthday Chevrolet Corvette!

Posted: December 5, 2012 in News
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Image source: (autoblog.com)

Chevrolet recently announced great news! To well-known, attractive Chevrolet Corvette celebrates its 60th birthday next year. This exciting car, is an example of a true sports car, but other than that it is extremely comfortable and safe for everyday driving.

For the last six decades of its existence Chevrolet Corvette has achieved great fame in America in particular, and not only in the automotive world. Manufacturers have tried to from generation to generation maintain the good reputation of this beautiful car, maintaining its quality with a multitude of advantages and opportunities.

No wonder its the most popular car among Covert Hollywood stars. with its style and performance, it really deserves it. Actors and actresses have driven it with pride for decades.

In addition, it has always been a popular actor, with 1434 roles as the main accessory in a variety of American films, TV series and commercials. It was on various TV dramas, and sped along the roads in many action hits.

These days, marking the 60th-anniversary, a new collectible version of this sports convertible, the fastest in the Chevrolet factory so far, and with advanced technology, which it deserves.

Year after year Chevrolet Corvette is getting better and more advanced, and we believe that it will adorn the silver screen for many years to come.


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